Video - WTF TV Live 2/14/12: Valentines Day Edition

Videa Foot fetish - nohy, nožky, chodidla WTF TV Live 2/14/12: Valentines Day Edition

WTF TV Live 2/14/12: Valentines Day Edition

Its the Valentines Day edition of WTF TV Live, where anything can happen on this very special day. Even though Nelson Torres Feels that Valentines is not a real holiday,but since it's actually on February 14th, He thought it would make a very unique episode live. On this episode, Nelson Torres and Marabelle Blue from Kink~E Magazine are in the Studio. Also Negro Smith and his illegitimate Daughter Ayness along with her fiance who she said that she met at the Port Authority Bus Terminal the other day. Talk about an odd couple. Covering different topics from the usual foot fetish routine to Negro Smith's explanation on how Valentines Day was created. Marabelle Blue eating cherry covered chocolate live on the air. Plus Nelson Torres and Negro Smith answer the question about the latest status on the wrestling aspect of WTF. And still, Ayness is still trying to get some affection from her own father Negro Smith.

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