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WTF TV Live 3/6/12

On this jammed packed episode of WTF TV Live, lots of things went down and it was simply a madhouse. This week, we have the Jersey Shore Stalker Vanessa Sky Ellis and she comes in the studio to explain how she really into Pauly D the MTV's Jersey Shore and he involvement with the show. Also, a bouncer by the name of Bones is in the studio as well and he is attempting to promote an underground street fighting league in New York City and he is looking fighters to take part in this event. Ayness made her existence felt when she arrives with a sword and claim she was somebody from another time period. She spontaneously show up looking really crazy and it was so unexpected, but what do you expect when your the illegitimate daughter of Negro Smith Also, Nelson mentions that he won a PS Vita recently from IGN recently and explains how he won it by simply making a humiliating video of himself to help promote Uncharted: Golden Abyss and was told to act if he beat it already. He made a six second video called "Pure Excitement" in order to win the PS Vita.

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