Video - WTF TV Live 8/7/12

Videa Foot fetish - nohy, nožky, chodidla WTF TV Live 8/7/12

WTF TV Live 8/7/12

This week on WTF TV Live, adult star Raven Bay from Velvet XXX and among other sites is the studio. Plus, WTF World Heavyweight Champion Overdose and Ethan Daniels shows up during the beginning of the show. Throughout the show, various phone calls were coming in including Footguy and of course, Raven shows off her feet without any hesitation. Also, Raven discusses her porn background and her appearance on the Jerry Springer show. During the show, Overdose points out the fact that Nelson Torres is wearing the unofficial Damien Sandow T-Shirt and Overdose couldn't help, but to laugh at Nelson. All this crazy shenanigans and much more on a very interesting episode of WTF TV Live. Your Welcome !!


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