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Choreography by Jeri Slaughter. Feet hurt. eeeeeee. I was very shocked when I first saw the MV... Was wondering what was Junsu trying to show himself as. What was the concept? From the MV it looked like.... BDSM... voyeurism... androgynous... Nevertheless its a good song, and a fresh look. Male kpop (idol groups, not counting rappers or duos like Leessang) lately has all been either super manly (eg 2PM) or super boy-ish cute-ish (Boyfriend, Teentop). Not that I don't like them. There's always something for everyone's taste in kpop, that's what I like about it. Then there's Junsu who... does super provocative stuff and pushes the boundaries a bit... like his Japanese single (I forget what the name of the song was). It's great to see Junsu back, and I'm sure most of us have almost forgotten how well he moves. You go Xia, rock those feminine moves.

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